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The mission of LAPASS PRODUCTIONS - LPTv1 is to provide all community members the opportunity to produce
and view original programming on an online urban platform. We are committed to serving the Public, Educational
and Government sectors of the community on a first-come, first-serve, nondiscriminatory basis. Furthermore, we aim to advance ideals by ensuring that people have access to electronic media and by promoting effective communication through community uses of media. 

Core Values

  1. Educate: We want people to be educated to understand, care and love each other through providing reflective positive programming

  2. Encourage: Human tendency is to look at others negatives first but through our network we want to motivate and encourage others to connect with diverse communities via original created media content.

  3. Unify: Unity in the Community is an essential part of our success in life. We want to help people build bridges to climb the ladder of success.

  4. Transform: We want to transform people’s lives by bringing positive non bias programming to people.

Goals and Objectives

 · To provide free access programming online.

 · To encourage community use of technology

 · To encourage community involvement in creating programs. 

 · To provide technical instruction

 · To encourage student programming

 · To provide a monthly conglomerate of live or taped short programming under 5 min trt. each (total running time)

 · To provide for sponsorship and PSAs on the community bulletin board whenever programming is not running.

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