To create an opportunity for our  online community to produce and broadcast their creative concepts on a globally televised urban platform reaching millions of viewers.

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LPTv1 is a 24/7 streaming network independently owned & operated. We thank you for all donations of any amount so we may continue to bring our audience original positive programming with YOUR interest in mind.

LPTv1 is dedicated to all the T.V, Pro's & Media Giants that contributed over the years in our mission to keep Cre8ivity in Cre8ting.

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LPTv1 programming will replay daily so our audience doesn't miss a thang! Audience may pause, stop, play, fast forward and replay the monthly aired line-up. NEW programming airs every month and will be inserted into current programming as an ongoing network showcase program build. ALL content is original and is owned by each contributor. LPTv1 does not take ownership of "contributors content" and is a sounding  board platform for global community producers. Enjoy The People's Network    LPTv1

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